Keyless Access

Properties can use Goki to generate SmartKeys and PINs for a keyless check-in experience. SmartKey is only available if the customer has the Goki app or download it after check-in. All companions who are staying with the main booker in the same room can use the SmartKey (if they download the app) and PINs.

For group booking in different rooms or dorm beds, they will get their own access individually on check-ins.

Check-in always triggered from the PMS to Goki.

PMS is the source of truth for reservation information. It means Goki will never update the reservation information and we only receive the reservation updates/changes from the PMS. It is a one-way communication from the PMS to Goki.


PATCH /v1/endpoints

You need to register getSpaces endpoint. Property owners use Goki dashboard (which relies on this endpoint) to map your rooms/beds in Goki using Goki Dashboard.

PATCH /v1​/reservations

You need to send us the reservation updates (create/changes) as soon as they happen in your system.


  1. You - register getSpaces endpoint.

  2. Property - uses Goki dashboard > Spaces to manage rooms/beds mapping and SmartLocks.

  3. Goki - will check periodically the getSpaces endpoint to detect changes in your room/bed listing and notify staff if there is any conflict between Goki and your system.

  4. You - keep Goki updated with the reservation changes.

  5. Goki - as soon as we get an update on the reservation which indicates the check-in status we will generate a PIN and a SmartKey if the room has a Goki SmartLock or SmartDisc (we use your roomId, bedId which is provided in getSpaces endpoint).

  6. Goki - when we get an update showing the reservation date is changed or user is checked-out, we update or remove the PIN and SmartKey.

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