Automated Check-in

Properties can use Goki to automate their check-in process. Once we receive the reservation from the PMS, we facilitate pre-check-in, encouraging guests to download the app, create the communication channel between the property and guests and let them self-check-in at the property, generate PIN and SmartKey for their room.

PMS is the source of truth for reservation information. It means Goki will never update the reservation information and we only receive the reservation updates/changes from the PMS. It is a one-way communication from the PMS to Goki.

Goki is the source of truth for guests' information. It means Goki will never update the guest's profile with information received from PMS. We use a combination of the Goki profile and pre-check-in/check-in system to build the user's profile and share it with other systems using our API.

As customers' privacy is extremely important for Goki, you can only access their information if they are staying at your property and they have shared it with you. And it is only limited to the information that property owners marked as mandatory at their check-in process.


PATCH /v1/endpoints

You need to register getSpaces and getCheckInStatus endpoints. Property owners use Goki dashboard (which relies on this endpoint) to map your rooms/beds in Goki using Goki Dashboard.

PATCH /v1​/reservations

You need to send us the reservation updates (create/changes) as soon as they happen in your system.


  1. You - follow steps in Keyless Check-in. And register your checkIn and getCheckInStatus endpoints, as well as getSpaces endpoint.

  2. Goki - emails guests (booker email on reservations) to complete the pre-check-in form.

  3. Goki - on arrival day guest uses Goki check-in tablet or scan Goki QR-code to start the check-in process. Goki uses getCheckInStatus endpoint to double-check reservation owing and room status before letting the users check-in. (if you do not provide this endpoint we rely on your last updated reservation information we have received from the PMS.)

  4. Goki - once we have collected all user's information and getCheckInStatus has not returned any error, we call the checkIn endpoint.

  5. You - once checkIn endpoint is called, you want to do your normal check-in process, and if everything is fine check the guest in.

  6. Goki - as you are sending reservation changes to Goki, we detect check-in status and generate PIN and SmartKey (as explained in the Keyless Check-in section)

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