Goki API
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Create/Update a Reservation

Create or update reservations using single API call
You should call this API whenever there are changes in the reservation (e.g. dates, owing, room, state changes ...).
The main usage of this API is automating the check-in process by generating PIN and SmartKey. As soon as the state of a reservation is changed to "started", Goki will generate them.
For PIN/SmartKey generation, Goki uses your spaceId as explained below. You need to make sure you have provided thegetSpacesendpoint for this to work. You can read more at Keyless Check-in.
Create or Update a Reservation
For reservation dates, set from or fromDate, and to or toDate. Setting both fields at the same time will encounter 400 error.
To get the PIN for a reservation, you need to use webhooks as explained here.