We use tokens in the request's header to authenticate the communications. Depending on your use case we have 2 types of authentication. Most of our APIs support both of the below authentication types but Property Apps can do more as they are developed by the property in-house development team.

# Property Apps v.s. Marketplace Apps

# Option 1 - Property Apps [deprecated]
# Calling find API using property app integration
curl --request GET \
--header 'api-key: replace-with-your-property-api-key' \

# Option 2 - Marketplace Apps
# Calling find API using marketplace app integration
curl --request GET \
--header 'client-token: replace-with-your-marketplace-app-client-token' \
--header 'access-token: replace-with-your-test-account-access-token' \

Option 1 - Proeprty Apps

You can build mobile apps for your property. Each property has its own unique api-key to communicate with Goki. These apps are not listed in the Goki marketplace and can be used only in your properties.

pageProperty Apps [Deprecated]

Option 2 - Marketplace Apps

Most likely you want to use this type of integration, as you want your app to be listed in the marketplace and used by any property in the world. If you are a PMS integrating with Goki this is the option you need to read.

pageMarketplace Apps

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