Batch Create/Update Reservations

You may want to load all the future reservations from your system to Goki on the first connection with Goki. This is an optional API to use and help the property owners see a synced system from the moment they connect the systems.

You need to use Create/Update a Reservation API to update Goki with your reservation changes as soon as they happen. Do NOT use this Batch API as a replacement for immediate updates.

Batch Create or Update Reservations

PATCH [environmentUrl]/v1/reservations/batch

This endpoint allows you to create/update multiple reservations in one API call. There is a limit of 100 reservations per API call and there is a rate limit of 5 API calls per minute.

Request Body




An array of reservations. Each item's format should be like create/update reservation API's request body.

  "data": {
    "updatedReservations": [
      { ...ReservationDocument }
    "failures": [
        "requestData": {
          // The reservation's data you sent
        "error": {
          "code": 18,
           "title": "NOT_ACCEPTABLE",
           "status": 406,
           "message": "from date or to date is not valid!"

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