Property Apps [Deprecated]

Deprecated - Use Marketplace apps instead.

Read this document if you are developing an app that will be used for your property/property group and you do not want your app to be listed in the Goki marketplace (any app in the Goki marketplace is accessible by all properties).

If you want to list your app in the marketplace and let all properties use it, you need to follow this document.

What is a Property App?

You can build apps for your own property/property group. Each property has it's own unique api-key to communicate with Goki. These apps are not listed in the Goki marketplace and can be used only in your properties.

Once you have a test account created in the staging, you need to head to your dashboard > settings > developers section to get your server api-key for the server to server communications.

Please note the authentication headers are not shown in API calls, but they are mandatory based on the type of integration you are building.

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