Reset Key Chain

Reset PIN/SmartKey of a reservation

Reset Reservation's Key Chain

POST [environmentBaseUrl]/v1/reservations/resetKeyChain

This endpoint allows you to reset a reservation's key chain (PIN and SmartKey). Normally you do not need this API as Goki has web/mobile UI for all of the PIN, SmartKey related features, including regenerating them.

Request Body




Id of reservation in your system



You can choose which part of the key chain you want to regenerate. It accepts a comma-separated string of the following values: (pin | ekey | gatesKeyChain).

  "data": {
    "reservation": {
      ...ReservationDocument, // Check ReservationDocument page for the sample data
      "pin": "4356567"
    "failures": [

Key Chain

For each reservation, we generate access to their rooms in 2 formats:

  1. A PIN which is emailed to the guest

  2. And Ekey (SmartKey) which they receive in their Goki app

Additionally, some properties have SmartLocks installed on the common area doors (lift, kitchen, driveway) and these are referred to as gatesKeyChain.

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