Getting Started

Goki's API can be used by the property owners and 3rd parties for communication between Goki and external applications. It can be used by other cloud services or applications that are running on-site in the property to manage guests, check-ins, and automating access to the rooms.


There are 2 environments to work with: Staging and Production. Staging is for your development and testing. And production is for your live clients and accounts.

Your staging credentials will not work in production environments.


Base URL



Step 1. Request a test account

First, you must request a test property account from the Goki support team on the staging environment. The property name will be "Your company name"+ Demo (like "Goki Demo"), and the subdomain will follow the same structure (like "goki-demo"). To test your integration in the staging environment, you can use this account to create test data such as users, reservations, and rooms.

Step 2. Get Credentials

Depending on what kinds of integration you are building, you need to follow one of these credential instructions.

Step 3 - Calling Rest APIs

Goki is providing REST API, and all responses are in JSON format. Keep reading this document to learn a few common use-cases, explore APIs and data structures, or use Swagger and Postman to make the calls.

Please note the authentication headers are not shown in API calls, but they are mandatory based on the type of integration you are building. You can find the available types here.

Step 4 - Going Live

After you complete the steps Going Live section, you and your properties can use the system in the live environment.

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