Engage With Guests

Goki is designed to be the communication channel between properties and guests pre-arrival, during their stay, or after departure. There are tons of features to automate this communication to make sure guests are having a better stay. i.e. welcome email and notifications, promotions, sentiment tracking, reviews, chat concierge, in-room orders.


PATCH /v1​/reservations

You need to send us the reservation updates (create/changes) as soon as they happen in your system.


  1. You - keep Goki updated with the reservation changes.

  2. Property - uses Goki emails or their own email tools to ask travelers to download Goki pre-arrival.

  3. Goki - detects travelers with their emails or confirmation code and link the reservation with the user account.

  4. Property - can communicate with the guests and promote their activities pre-arrival, during the stay, and after departure. And can use Goki to automate all of it.

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