Marketplace Apps

What is a Marketplace App?

Whether you want to build an app for your property, property group, or all properties, you need to create an app in the marketplace.

In order to get your marketplace app requests authenticated you need 2 tokens:

  1. client-token: A unique token for your marketplace app.

  2. access-token: A unique token for the property which is using your app

Client Token

You need to contact our integration team at to register your marketplace app in Goki (staging environment). Once your app is created by the integration team, all properties including your test property (which you use for development) can see it on the marketplace list.

In order to create your marketplace app you need to provide the below information:

  • App Name

  • Support email address

  • App icon (500x500px)

  • Short summary (Maximum 10 words).

  • Long summary (Around 2-4 lines).

  • Is your app private or public? (private apps are not listed for all properties and only specific properties have access to it.)

Access Token

To secure the properties data per integration, we generate a unique access-token per integration. Each property can find its unique access token in the settings > marketplace > your-app-icon > access token.

Each property has a different access-token and they can change it at any time. It is recommended you implement a user interface and let the property managers enter it themselves.

Please note the authentication headers are not shown in API calls, but they are mandatory based on the type of integration you are building.

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