Let Goki query or update your system

You can add some endpoints to your integration which Goki will use to interact with you. This helps us to get some information from you or trigger events on your system.

url and token are provided by you during endpoint registration.

Available endpoints

1) getSpaces

Goki uses this endpoint to get the list of your spaces (rooms/beds). Staff can use the Goki Dashboard (which uses this endpoint) to map their Goki spaces/locks to your rooms/beds. Goki also uses background jobs to regularly check the mapping and make sure nothing is broken.

// Method: Your registered method (GET or POST)
URL: `${url}?token=${token}`

2) getCheckeInStatus

Goki uses this endpoint to check the status of a reservation on your system during the check-in process.

// Method: Your registered method (GET or POST)
URL: `${url}?token=${token}&reservationId=${Reservation ID on your system}`

3) checkIn

In self-check-in automation, Goki uses this endpoint to let your system know, you can check the reservation in. We also submit the collected check-in information when calling the endpoint. It is optional for you to store it or ignore it.

This endpoint method MUST be POST.

// Method: Your registered method (POST)
URL: `${url}?token=${token}`
Body: { reservationId, mainCustomer, companions }

Data Structure



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